Authors Day Celebration

Happy National Author's Day! A writer?.. Everyone has a story to tell and mine goes something like this...

 Award winning Author William Hartley and his son, creating a story of their own.

Award winning Author William Hartley and his son, creating a story of their own.

I don’t really consider myself a writer as much as I do a story teller, but after publishing 6 books, having over a hundred articles in major magazines and three new books in “the can” some would consider me a writer.

I find writing as a means to an end. It is storytelling, fiction or non, a story- my story, your story, our story, their story, somebody's or something’s story can either be told or written. Most culture's storytelling has been intricately woven into their very fabric. Through time the written word now replaces the verbal sector and can in fact reach countless others.

I’ve always enjoyed photography. As I sought publication in the photographic industry I found that the publishing industry could easily find good photographers and good writers, the difficulty was coupling the two. So I set upon writing shorting antidotal stories or fun facts about my images and found them much easier sell if I coupled each image with verbiage. Not that getting anything published is easy, not by a long shot.

Some words of wisdom that were handed off to me, for inspiring authors: You simply download, download and download. The storyline will develop itself and maybe possibly take you down a different road and you had anticipated. The characters, the settings, the events and details will evolve. It is important to get one’s thoughts down and write as much as possible. The organizing and editing will come later. Don’t be distracted by those details when downloading your creative thoughts. The brain drain can often be like opening faucet.

So like Ray Bradberry once told me “don’t let the lack of a 69 cent notebook misplace or lose the greatest, idea, thought, phrase or sentence you might ever have.” Keep and carry one with you.

“A short pencil is better than a long memory.” - Craig Johnson

I look forward to reading your story!

- William Hartley 2017

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