The Big Sister Book &
Big Brother Books

Being a father of four kids, twelve grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren, plus having 40 years of involvement with ‘magical experiences,’ should qualify me as a good judge of the new Big Brother and Big Sister books – I think you hit it! Well done!
— — William E. “Sully” Sullivan, retired Vice President of the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World

Becoming a new big brother or big sister is unmistakably one of the most important events in your child’s life. Why not spend that precious one-on-one time with your child and our new completely interactive Big Brother and/or Big Sister Books? With our exclusive artwork (made by kids, for kids of course!) and timeless poetry, you and your child will journey through learning just how special their new role is- and always will be as a big brother or big sister. Customize your book by adding family photos, artwork, drawings, and personal touches to create your child’s personal and unique journey book. You can even display their new book in your home with their face right in the cover!

Our books come hand gift wrapped in a forever keepsake box that has enough space for your completed (or in progress) book and even some extra photos and artwork; safe from the bustles of life. These books were designed with small hands in mind, so we engineered a durable soft touch cover and box that wipes clean just with a damp towel. Oh, and our shipping, it’s always free anywhere in the continental US. Begin the new chapter in your child’s journey today!